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Do you want to lose weight? If you have heard of the miracle banana diet, you may know that it is called the "easiest diet ever". The diet is both simplicity and healthy and hassle-free.

1. Too busy with diet? Just eat a banana or two for breakfast

The essence of the banana diet is simple. You just eat a few bananas for breakfast and drink water at room temperature. That is your entire breakfast, and it is more or less the entire diet.

The only other thing you should pay attention to is that you have to go to bed early and you don't have to make any other changes to your diet.

I recommended the miracle banana diet to a customer a year ago and hadn't seen her for months. By chance I met her at a business meeting and I couldn't believe my eyes. She looked fantastic: she had lost at least 60 pounds. It was hard to believe that this was the same person I had seen in my office. She smiled and said, "Yes, you're right - the banana diet really works!"

She said she usually forgets that she is on a diet. She only eats bananas for breakfast. She also told me how much energy she has. She recently lost her job in the crisis, but two days later she entered another job. She has been much more self-assured since she started the diet.

As many others have told me: that is a hidden benefit of the banana diet - you feel great and have a lot more energy.

2. Conquer your food obsession: eat what you like

If you are constantly on a diet, it may seem like you are obsessed with food. You constantly worry about what to eat and when, and you usually feel guilty about thinking you are eating the wrong food.

The banana diet eliminates your food obsession. You can really eat what you want, but you will be amazed that you just want to eat healthier, and you do.

3. The key to the success of the diet: it is healthy

The banana diet is very healthy. Bananas help you sleep better and your mood improves.

I heard from a lady who enjoyed her bananas so much that she also ate them for snacks during the day. This meant she didn't eat any donuts and cookies and the pounds melted away.

Try the miracle banana diet - you'll agree that this is the easiest diet ever.